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Hello, I'm Dan Deardorf, Welcome to my new website!

Here you will find the best real Tracfone discounts, updated as quickly as I can, which is usually weekly, and at times sooner than that :)

Dan's Tracfone promo codes

Looking for Tracfone promo codes?

I was too and eventually got fed up with scams and shady sites (you really have to watch out!) so I set up my own. Here's what I have this week:


If you know of a code I've missed please email me and I'll add it to the site as soon as I can.

What are Tracfones?

Trac fone is the largest company that offers pay as you go cellphones.

These phones are great for general use when you don't want to pay for a month to month plan or sign a multiple year contract with the other cellphone companies. Or if your credit isn't great, it is still easy to get a Tracfone.

I use them for my childrens cellphones so we can keep in touch and I even have one that just stays in the car for emergencies!

They've grown in popularity since you can often get bonus codes for double minutes, free phones, and other amazing discounts when they run promotions. If you can find them, which is why I set up this site -- to make the promo codes and coupons a little easier to find!

Thanks for visiting and good luck!

-Dan Deardorf


P.S. I'm working on a new version of this site which covers all the deals I can find. Stop by Tracfone Promo Codes and see what I'm up to! It will be much more comprehensive than this old site :)

P.S.S. I've also started a sister site for Net 10 Reviews & Codes. This one is a training site for my daughter :)